grease grease [griːs] verb informal
1. grease somebody's palm to give someone money in a secret or dishonest way in order to persuade them to do something:

• The chairman finally admitted that he, too, was forced to grease a few palms along the way.

2. grease the wheels to help a person, organization, system etc to work better, especially in order to get an advantage:

• By exempting pension funds and unit trusts from income tax, the chancellor has done a lot to grease the wheels of the City's securities business.

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grease UK US /griːs/ verb [T]
INFORMAL to make something happen more easily: »

Social connections can help grease the way to business deals.


The company's charitable donations helped grease its entry into the world of government contracts.

grease sb's palm — Cf. grease sb's palm
grease the wheels — Cf. grease the wheels

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